Yusen Tabuni: The Figure of the KKB Boss in Wamena, Now Helping the TNI-Polri Maintain Security


PAPUADAILY –The name Yusen Tabuni is now being discussed after his unusual action. He is the commander of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) who is now choosing a different path and making peace with the TNI-Polri. Even now his group is helping with security in Wamena.

Even though he is still active, Yusen Tabuni is not the same as the leaders of the Papuan KKB in other areas who often create commotion and terror. Yusen prefers to cooperate with the TNI-Polri in order to maintain security.

Launching from tribratanews.polri.go.id, personnel from Binmas Noken Jayawijaya Police visited Yusen Tabuni at his residence on Jalan Bhayangkara Wamena, Monday (11/10/2021) morning.

Head of Regional Head of Wamena Binmas Noken AKP Harbani Paruki stated that his party visited Mr. Yusen to invite the TNI-Polri to work together to maintain security in Wamena City and in Jayawijaya Regency in general.

“We conveyed the Kamtibmas message to Mr. Yusen and his family and coordinated regarding Sitkamtibmas (The Situation of Public Order and Security) in Papua.

In addition, we also urge Mr. Yusen and his family to continue to assist the Police in guarding Kamtibmas in the City of Wamena,” said AKP Harbani. Quoted by Tribunpapua.com

Yusen Tabuni expressed his gratitude to the members of Binmas Noken who had visited and given the message of Kamtibmas (Public order and Security).

In addition, Mr. Yusen will also cooperate with Binmas Noken and continue to support the Binmas Noken program in the welfare of the community.

On that occasion Binmas Noken also handed over assistance in the form of basic necessities to Yusen Tabuni and his family.

Kiwirok Current Situation

Things are different in Kiwirok District. Until now, this area is still filled with fears of the Papuan KKB terror.

It is known that the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB) previously attacked the puskesmas and health workers in the Kiwirok District.

After the attack, the provision of immunization in the Pegunungan Bintang (Pegubin) experienced problems.

This was acknowledged by the Head of the Oksibil Health Center, Ida Tiku Seleng when providing immunization services at SD YPPK Santo Lusia and SD Balil in the Pegunungan Bintang.

“The situation here is not conducive because of the previous case (the attack on health workers). Now we are wary of providing services,” said Ida, Wednesday (6/10/21), as quoted by Tribunpapua.com.

Ida said that his party was afraid but there was a longing to sincerely serve the local community.

“Life is important. We always miss service, so the service continues even in the building. The Posyandu is still running but full of vigilance,” she said.

Therefore, Ida requested that there be support from traditional leaders and religious leaders in the implementation of health services so that health workers feel safe.

“We can’t walk alone, especially in this situation, especially in Pegubin. We need security that can help us,” she said.

In addition, Ida said that when giving immunizations in one of these elementary schools, there were pros and cons.

“Yesterday we were immunized, an old man came to us and asked what he had been immunized out loud. After we explained it well, they received it. They thought that what we injected was the Covid vaccine,” she said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Health Human Resources Division of the Pegubin District Health Office, Natalis Sipyan, explained that after the incident, his party had withdrawn health workers from the districts to Oksibil and Jayapura.

“Because of this, health services in Pegubin are not running evenly. It doesn’t mean we will withdraw forever, but we hope that in the future the government can try to secure this situation so that our services can run,” he said.

He hopes that in the future there will be Babinkamtibmas involvement in helping the smooth running of health services.

“There must be the involvement of the police and the Babinkamtibmas to help us carry out services around the city,” he added.

Meanwhile, a community leader in the Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Seni Uopdana, strongly opposes the brutality of the Papuan KKB in Kiwirok District.

As known, the violent acts of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in the Pegunungan Bintang Regency, especially in the Kiwirok District, are increasing.

Seeing the number of victims who continue to fall, both civilians and officers, Seni Uopdana believes that the Papuan KKB action must be addressed immediately.

Uopdana in his statement said that if the actions of the Papuan KKB did not get a quick response by the security forces, he was worried that the conflict would continue to spread and the impact would be even greater.

“I am deeply saddened by the recent news that has occurred in the Pegunungan Bintang. Indeed, the armed group has messed up the situation here. That’s why I tried to open a forum, and asked the security forces to immediately take firm action against them,” he said, Monday (4/10/2021).

“Black events like today should not be left alone, because there are many lives that are ultimately threatened. I am afraid that the separatist savagery of the Papuan KKB will spread,” he added.

Uopdana also stated that the existence of Lamek Alipki Taplo as the leader of the separatist movement in the Pegunungan Bintang region has poisoned the morals and thoughts of young people.

Lamek Taplo is considered to have had a bad influence on the Papuan generation.

“The losses incurred by the separatist group are not only from the threat of violence, but he and his group have also damaged the minds of the next generation of Papuans, especially those in the Pegunungan Bintang area,” he said.

On this basis, Seni Uopdana firmly condemns the existence of Lamek Alipki Taplo and his groups.

He said that the actions carried out by the group were beyond the limits of human values ​​and violated the traditional teachings of the ancestors.

“Cursed Lamek Taplo with his group. They have carried out barbaric actions that have no humanity and have violated ancestral customs. There is no mercy for him, the curse will come soon,” said Uopdana.

He requested that the security forces immediately take firm action against the Papuan KKB separatists in the Pegunungan Bintang.***