Youtefa Bridge, Jayapura City’s Leading Tourist Destination


PAPUADAILY –Youtefa Bridge is a leading tourist destination in Jayapura City, Papua. It is located between Enggros Village and Tobati Village, South Jayapura District. Youtefa Bridge connects South Jayapura District with Muara Tami District.

The view of Jayapura City in the east and the mangrove forest on the west side of the bridge, is the main attraction for visitors to relieve fatigue.

In addition, the background of the bridge with a unique stretch is often used as an object for selfies or selfies. The distance from the center of Jayapura City to this location is about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, from Sentani Airport, the bridge can be reached in about an hour by car or motorbike. Residents of Jayapura City used to refer to Youtefa Bridge as a red bridge, because it is a bright red color.

According to information compiled by, the construction of this bridge began in 2015, and was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on October 28, 2019, to coincide with the commemoration of Youth Pledge Day.

“I hope the Youtefa Bridge will become a driving force for the Papuan people’s economy. Hopefully the people can take care of it and keep it clean,” Jokowi said when inaugurated it.

It is known that the Youtefa bridge is 732 meters long and 21 meters wide. The total budget spent on the construction of the bridge is Rp 1.8 trillion. Holtekamp Bridge, Jayapura, Papua. Holtekamp Bridge, Jayapura, Papua. (Hari Susiyanto/Ministry of PUPR)

Monitoring on, visitors at Youtefa Bridge looked deserted. Some vehicle users stop for a moment to see the view from the top of the bridge. Then continue his journey. Mery Rumbino (26), a resident of Jayapura City, admitted that he was happy to stop by Youtefa Bridge because of the natural beauty and blue sea around the bridge.

“I am interested in seeing the natural beauty and photo spots from the top of this bridge,” said Mery who was met by on the sidewalk of Youtefa Bridge. However, this Biak native regretted the large amount of plastic waste and betel nut spit scattered on the shoulder of the Youtefa Bridge.

“Hopefully, every visitor and residents here can both maintain cleanliness, starting with themselves,” said Mery.