Yotoro Hill, Sentani City Tourism Asset That Must Be Developed


PAPUADAILY –Sentani has beach attractions, lakes and waterfalls. In addition to lakes and waterfalls, Sentani also has hills that offer beautiful natural panoramas. Bukit Tungkuwiri (Teletubis) is the most famous. However, there is still one unknown hill, namely Mount Yotoro.

Yotoro Hill is located in Kwadeware Village, Waibu District. On this hill, visitors enjoy the beauty of Lake Sentani plus Mount Cycloop.

This hill is different from Teletubis, in Yotoro visitors can enjoy the sunset and sunrise, can stay/camp. Not only that, Yotoro presents a stretch of green savanna above an altitude of 300 meters from the surface of Lake Sentani.

Yapis Papua University Nature Lovers Student Executive Lecky Kenelak (23) said Yotoro hill is a very beautiful and comfortable place for camping, because the place is not far and easy to reach.

“This place is very beautiful if you enjoy the weekend with friends, don’t be afraid about security there. The family who owns the place is very welcome to welcome everyone who visits and spends the night there,” said Lecky as quoted by Tribun-Papua.com in Abepura, Kota Jayapura, Friday (23/7/2021)

According to him, Yotoro has an attractive view, there is a stretch of Lake Sentani surrounded by hills. If the sun is about to sink behind the lake, visitors can enjoy the sunset in the afternoon, as well as in the morning, when the sun begins to rise over the waters of Lake Sentani.

Yotoro’s natural panorama is captivating, but there are no complete facilities such as the MCK built by the Jayapura Regency Government.

Lecky hopes that there will be additional facilities in the form of MCK to support the Bukit Yotoro tourist destination. That way, it can attract visitors, especially lovers of traveling to visit the place.

In line with Lecky, the Student Council for Nature Lovers (Mapala) Universitas Cenderawasih Jayapura
Herikson Dogopia (22) said that Yotoro hill is in the form of an island, right behind Tungkuwiri Hill (Teletubis). “I prefer to go to this place, because pulling it before heading to the hill, we have to stop at the dock waiting for the speed boat to cross Lake Sentani,” he said.

Herikson hopes that Yotoro can be used as a tourist destination that elevates the unique nature around Lake Sentani. The local government wants to explore the tourism potential in Yotoro. So that it can also lift the lives of the surrounding community.

He also advised, anyone who wants to visit this location, don’t litter, must keep the hill clean.

For your information, to reach Yotoro hill, it is not difficult, it only takes about 10 minutes from Patouw Pier in Kwadeware and then using a speed boat. Visitors only need to pay IDR 10,000 round-trip for the speed boat fee.

Meanwhile, from Sentani to Kwadeware using a two-wheeled vehicle it takes 10 minutes, while a four-wheel drive takes 30 minutes.

If from Jayapura City to Kwadeware, for two-wheeled vehicles it takes one hour to travel, while four-wheeled vehicles take more than one hour.***