Yonif 131/Brs Task Force Invites the Muara Tani District Resident to do Gardening, Take Advantage of Vacant land


Supporting the food security program at the border, personnel from the Ramil Tami Post, the RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force Yonif 131/Brs along with their assisted residents took advantage of the vacant land in Skouw Village, Muara Tami District, Jayapura, to plant vegetables.

First Lieutenant Inf Jenopen Arman as Danpos Ramil Tami in a written release on Information on the Indonesian-PNG Pamtas Task Force Yonif 131/Brs, Tuesday (14/9/2021), said that the half hectare vacant land would be planted with various types of vegetables such as spinach, kale, long beans, papaya, mustard greens and pokcoy.

“Apart from being an effort to support food security programs, it is also to utilize vacant land so that it can provide benefits to the community and the village environment around the post,” he said. Quoted by Tniad.mil.id.

He further disclosed, the existence of the vegetable garden is also a model garden for the community to learn how to garden vegetables from cultivating land, preparing seeds, planting, maintaining and harvesting vegetables.

“While the harvest from this garden, we will also share it with the surrounding community,” he added.

Meanwhile, Bernard Malo (49), one of the tribal chiefs in Skouw Village, expressed his gratitude to the Task Force personnel who had invited and provided knowledge to the residents to create gardens by utilizing existing vacant lands.

“Of course it is very beneficial for the community, besides being able to meet the needs for vegetables for their families, these vegetables can be sold and increase the income of residents.

We are very grateful to the Pos Task Force personnel who have shared their knowledge and taught us how to make gardens for us here,” he said. ***