West Papua DPRP questions the distribution of 2.25 percent of Papua’s Special Autonomy funds


PAPUADAILY –Deputy Chairman of the Special Autonomy Faction (Otsus) of the DPRP West Papua, Dominggus Urbon, in Manokwari, Friday, assessed that the central government still plays a role as an event organizer (EO) for Papua’s development in the context of special autonomy (Otsus).

“This means that the central government has not fully authorized Papua and West Papua to manage 2.25 percent of Papua’s Special Autonomy funds sourced from the General Allocation Fund of the State Budget,” said Dominggus Urbon.

He stated that 2.25 percent of the Papua Special Autonomy funds were the rights, authorities and responsibilities of the tears of the blood of the indigenous Papuans, which were managed directly by the two regional governments in Papua.

“The central government must be able to answer one of the crucial points regarding the budget that is not fully given to the regions during the current special autonomy period,” he said.

Dominggus Urbon stated that Article 34 of Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning the addition of 0.25 percent of the total national DAU to 2.25 percent was given to Papua, but it was broken down into two parts, namely 1 percent with block grants managed by the Government of Papua and Papua. West, while 1.25 percent in the form of specific grants is managed by the central government

This right, according to Urbon, is a mistake in political education and development, because 1.25 percent of those managed by the central government are based on sectoral laws. While the Special Autonomy Law is a lex specialist in organizing perdasus and perdasi.

“So the 1.25 percent fund is not special autonomy funds but the APBN, because the legal basis for its implementation is sectoral law,” said Dominggus Urbon as well.

Urbon then said that even if the 1.25 percent of the national DAU budget became the special autonomy fund, it would be certain that the central government had violated the authority, rights and obligations of indigenous Papuans.

“The central government should not break the 2.25 percent national DAU, because Otsus is a tear for the blood of the Papuan people, as a solution to conflict in development for the welfare of the people in the Land of Papua,” he said again.