Warships are Sent Down, TNI AL Soldiers of Koarmada III Exercise VVIP Security


PAPUADAILY –Warships, sea riders were dispatched and hundreds of soldiers were involved in the VVIP security training activities in the marine aspect in the waters of Sorong City which were carried out by TNI AL soldiers of the Navy Command III.

The exercise is scheduled to take place over the next 10 days involving a number of defense equipment. These include one warship, one navy ship, two security patrol units, and two sea riders.

The Chief of Staff of the Third Coordination Command, First Admiral of the TNI Yeheskiel Katiandagho said that securing VVIP was also the duty and responsibility of the TNI.

“VVIP security operations require the ability and skills of soldiers as well as the readiness of defense equipment,” said TNI Admiral Yeheskiel in Sorong City, West Papua, Wednesday (10/13/2021). Quoted by iNews.id

It was also said that the 2021 VVIP security exercise which was held this time was an implementation of the policy of developing the capability of personnel and defense equipment.

The implementation of the exercise is divided into three stages, namely the first stage of debriefing, the second stage of technical and tactical drills, and the third stage of field maneuvers by carrying out the scenario in full.

The training materials include knowledge of VVIP and its security procedures, emergency evacuation, coastal and port area security, medical evacuation, and field health or first aid.***