Vice President Asks TNI Commander to Intensify Papua Handling


Vice President Ma’ruf Amin asked the TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa to closely monitor the development of the Papua situation. The Vice President made this statement when he met Andika on a safari after being sworn in on November 17 at the Vice President’s official residence, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/11). “Because he is the Commander in Chief, the Vice President also asks to continue to monitor what national developments are like, especially in Papua,” said Spokesperson for the Vice President, Masduki Baidlowi, in a press statement, Wednesday (24/11). Masduki said that during the meeting the Vice President conveyed the government’s focus on building the welfare of the Papuan people. However, said the Vice President, to support the development of welfare requires a conducive situation and conditions in Papua. “While we know that the TNI Commander is responsible for how to keep Papua safe. That was where there was a specific discussion on how the security grounds in Papua will be used as policy by the new Commander,” said Masduki. Therefore, during the meeting the TNI Commander conveyed to the Vice President about several security policies that would be carried out for Papua. According to him, the policy is believed to bring a new atmosphere that is more conducive to security in Papua. “The Vice President is very pleased with what the Commander has reported. Because the Vice President is very intensive in monitoring the development of Papua, how can the development process of Papua’s welfare be more intensive in 2022, can be more visible to the Papuan people, the benefits of welfare,” he said. The Vice President assessed that the development of Papua’s welfare would be realized if security in the region was also conducive. Therefore, he hopes that the policies taken by the TNI Commander will also use a humanistic approach. “So it must go hand in hand between humanistic security approaches and welfare approaches,” he said.