Vice President Asks Sky Toll Road to Reach Papua and West Papua


PAPUADAILY –Vice President (Vice President) KH Maruf Amin said the government had prepared a Digital Indonesia Roadmap 2021-2024 to overcome natural challenges with a wide and diverse geographical landscape and contours. This road map connects all parts of Indonesia.

In terms of connecting digital infrastructure, the government has launched the concept of the sky toll. “As we all know, the Sky Toll Program is a concept of accelerating growth and equitable development of the availability of telecommunications and information network infrastructure to connect all parts of Indonesia,” he said, Monday (28/6/2021).

Maruf specifically so that the sky toll road is ensured to reach the eastern part of Indonesia. Especially Papua and West Papua. “I ask the Minister of Communication and Information to ensure that the West Papua and Papua regions are well served,” he said

According to him, the success of the sea highway will boost the expansion of the digital economy in Papua and West Papua. “The success of the Sky Toll program will encourage innovation, acceleration, and expansion of digital economic and financial integration in West Papua and Papua in the national digital ecosystem,” he said.