Vaccination Rush Carried out by Silas Papare Air Base for Students of SMPN 2 Sentani


PAPUADAILY –Silas Papare Air Force Base carried out the Covid-19 Vaccination Rush activity specifically for SMPN 2 Sentani. The activity was carried out at the Megantara Building, Silas Papare Air Base, Monday (19/7/2021).

This program is also related to commemorating the 74th Anniversary of the Indonesian Air Force and also as an effort to implement equity in the implementation of vaccines. The first day of the vaccine, there were 90 people who carried out the vaccine for ages 12-17 years.

The commander of the Silas Papare Air Force Base said that these teenagers are assets for the future of this nation. So it must be considered both their health and quality. Because later they will receive the baton in carrying out the wheels of leadership in the future.

“This should not be missed, because teenagers aged 12-17 years are the younger generation, where currently the majority of Indonesians are teenagers,” said Danlanud.

The same thing was conveyed by the Head of the Hospital (Karumkit) Silas Papare Air Base, Major Kes dr. Judith Meglan Sp. FM, that by implementing this in the Megantara building, it will be more effective and efficient in vaccine services.

According to him, every facility has been prepared carefully, so that health protocols can be implemented properly and the vaccination process can be carried out more quickly.

“We deliberately did not target the number of vaccines, with the consideration that we can apply stricter health protocols, and do not interfere with the process of teaching and learning activities for students which are carried out using the online method,” explained the Karumkit of Silas Papare Air. ***