Vacancies for Papuan Boys and Girls at KKP


PAPUADAILY –The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) opens vacancies for Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) in 2021. This includes those with disabilities and Papuan sons and daughters.

Persons with disabilities can apply for the positions of Aquaculture Analyst and production manager.  Meanwhile, Papuan men/women can apply for the positions of Skilled Implementer – Fish Pest and Disease Control and Skilled Implementer – Fisheries Extension.

For clarity, the following are the specific requirements for each selected special formation, both persons with disabilities and Papuan men/women.

  1. Special formations for persons with disabilities

– Applicants who have physical limitations

– Attach an official document/certificate from a government hospital/health center that explains the type and degree of disability

– Submit a short video with a maximum duration of 10 minutes showing the daily activities of the position to be applied for.

– For production managers, attach a video that carries out data collection activities in the context of preparing technical recommendations related to fishing machines and tools carried out at fishing ports.

– For Aquaculture Analysts, attach a video that performs technical data processing activities in the field of aquaculture.

  1. Special formation for Papua and West Papua boys/girls

– Descendants of Papua / West Papua based on the lineage of the original father / mother of Papua

– Attach a birth certificate or birth certificate

– Attach a certificate from the village head/tribal head

All special requirements documents are combined with other general documents, and uploaded through the*