Unique Shells in the Kapotar Islands


PAPUADAILY –On Kapotar Island, there are endemic clam species.  The shape is unique even though it is less attractive, but when cooked it tastes amazingly delicious.

Kapotar Island is a small elongated island in the Moora Islands, Cendrawasih Bay area, Nabire, Papua.  Because of its elongated shape, this island is often called Long Island. Kapotar Island is very unique, although small, there is Mambekora Lake in the southwest part of the island.  The water of Mambekora Lake itself is salty.

This lake has endemic biota, namely shells attached to coral walls or attached to wood.  Locals call it a tatoiri clam. At first glance, the shape is ugly and unattractive.  But make no mistake, it’s very tasty.  This type of shellfish is not found anywhere else, it is only found in Mambekora Lake.

Usually when the water level of the lake decreases, the mamas from Mambor Island will look for these shells, they call these shells by the name of tatoiri. To open a rather hard shell, use a small knife.  This tatoiri mussel was originally a main dish, but is now only used as a side dish