Two Suspected Attackers of the Kisor Koramil Post Successfully Arrested by TNI


PAPUADAILY – TNI soldiers managed to arrest two people suspected of being involved in the attack on the Kisor Koramil Post, South Aifat District, Maybrat Regency, West Papua. TNI soldiers were indeed deployed to find the perpetrators since 4 soldiers were killed.

Kapendam XVIII Kasuari, Colonel Hendra Pesireron, said the two suspected perpetrators were arrested by a TNI group who carried out sweeps and searches in the field.

“Adding that tonight means that we have secured the two suspected perpetrators,” said Kapendam, to Thursday (2/9/2021) night.

From the results of the initial interrogation, the two alleged perpetrators were subordinates of the separatist group led by Manfet Fatem, which is also the People’s Wanted List (DPO) for murder cases.

“The two alleged perpetrators are currently still under investigation. We have not received further information, including the chronology of the arrests,” he said.

Furthermore, Hendra said, for the incident, the Pangdam XVIII cassowary had strengthened security and searched for the perpetrators.

“Currently the status is on standby 1. Security has been thickened to 1 company (100-150 people) there,” he added.

He asked the public to remain calm and entrust security to the TNI and Polri.