Two Papuan PON XX Mascots on display at the HI Roundabout


PAPUADAILY –Ahead of the Papua National Sports Week (PON), next October, promotions will continue to be intensified. Two PON XX mascots Drawa and Kangpho were displayed at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, Jakarta, carrying the slogan “Torang Bisa” since the last two days.

The two mascots depict two typical Papuan animals, namely a bird of paradise and a kangaroo with a golden coat.

Kangpho or the abbreviation of tree kangaroo, has been popular as a typical Australian animal, in fact it is in Papua. Interestingly, Kangpho is a type of tree kangaroo and one of the most famous is the golden coat tree kangaroo or its Latin name is Dendrolagus Pulcherrimus.

The golden coat kangpho is a marsupial or mammal that has a pouch on its stomach. These animals eat fruit and seeds. The cheeks, neck, and legs are decorated with golden yellow, so this animal has the nickname of the golden coat.

Meanwhile is a bird of paradise. Drawa in scientific language is called Paradisaea Raggiana is a type of medium-sized songbird with a length of 34 cm.

Drawa is an adult male bird that has decorations dominated by red, orange and mixed colors of red and orange on the side of its abdomen. While the chest hair is dark brown. Most uniquely, on Drawa’s tail there are two long black ropes.

Drawa and Kangpho are equipped with tassels from bark or tree roots to cover the waist down which is also equipped with Papuan carvings on the waist.

Kangpho and Drawa wore Papuan headbands in the form of tassels and cones resembling the image of the central mountains of Papua surrounded by mountains.

“Tassels on the waists of Drawa and Kangpho are commonly used by women and men to symbolize a warm and friendly welcome in Papua,” said Papua Governor Lukas Enembe when launching of the two mascots, some time ago. ****