Total of 1903 Poople Took Part in the Vaccination Rush in Jayapura City and the Ranks of the 172/PWY Military Command


PAPUADAILY –Data collected from vaccination officers shows that the number of people who carry out vaccinations is concentrated in Jayapura City and the ranks of Korem 172/PWY reached 1903 people. The details are the Military Resort Command (Korem) 172/PWY and the Military District Command (Kodim) 1701/Jayapura and related agencies as many as 1289 people, Kodim 1702/JWY 67 people, Kodim 1712/Sarmi 211 people and Kodim 1715/Yahukimo 336 people.

The Second Wave Vaccination Rush, Phase One of the TNI-Polri and the Jayapura City Government for two days from July 17 to July 18, 2021, was centered at the Bucend III Waena Dormitory Tennis Court, Heram District, Jayapura City, Papua Province, entering the second day, Sunday (18 /7/2021).

On the second day, 47 vaccinators from Denkesyah Waena, Indonesian Navy, Indonesian Air Force, Police and the Jayapura City Health Service were involved.

It is hoped that the vaccination campaign to all levels of society will create herd immunity or communal immunity, in order to reduce the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, especially in Papua Province.

As known, currently the spread of COVID-19 continues to show an increase in various regions, including Papua Province. For this reason, public awareness to participate in the success of the vaccination campaign is needed as an effort to suppress the spread of COVID-19.

The public does not need to worry because the government guarantees that the vaccines given are safe and can provide benefits.

The Commander of Korem 172/PWY Brigadier General Izak Pangemanan appealed to people who have received the vaccine to remain disciplined in implementing health protocols as a primary need by always wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands.

Meanwhile, the administration of the second stage of the vaccine will be carried out in the same place at the Bucend III Waena Dormitory Tennis Court, on 14 and 15 August 2021 or a maximum of 28 days after the first stage of vaccination.***