Total of 123 Oxygen Cylinders Immediately Sent to Jayapura Hospital


PAPUADAILY –The Jayapura Regional General Hospital (RSUD) is experiencing a lack of oxygen. The shortfall was temporarily resolved after the Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri confirmed that he would send 123 tubes from Bhayangkara Jayapura Hospital.

“Regarding the problem of oxygen cylinders, we Papua Regional Police will temporarily back up empty tubes. A total of 123 oxygen cylinders from Bhayangkara Hospital,” he said in a written statement, Tuesday (20/7/2021).

As the main referral hospital for Covid-19 patients in Papua, now the bed occupancy ratio (BOR) of the Jayapura Hospital is over 100 percent. Some patients have to be placed in hospital halls and terraces. Meanwhile, Covid-19 patients continue to arrive.

Fakhiri has directly monitored the conditions at the Jayapura Hospital. He ensured that the Papuan Police would help as much as possible for every obstacle experienced by the Jayapura Regional Hospital in dealing with Covid-19 patients.

“Our visit is also to find out what difficulties and obstacles the Jayapura Regional Hospital has in dealing with Covid-19 patients,” said Fakhiri.

Deputy Director of the Jayapura Hospital, Silwanus Sumule admitted that there was an oxygen shortage in his place of work. However, there is already a supply of oxygen cylinders that can be used for several hours on Tuesday morning (20/7/2021).

Regarding the increasing demand for oxygen, Silwanus ensured that the management of the Jayapura Hospital had made anticipatory steps by ordering oxygen production equipment. It just takes a few weeks for the tool to be used.

“Later in early August 2021, we will be able to produce our own oxygen, the daily production capacity can be 300 oxygen cylinders. Currently, the equipment for oxygen production is still in the process of being delivered to Papua,” said Silwanus.

As of Monday (7/19/2021), there were 30,188 COVID-19 cases in Papua. Of these, 5,378 patients are still being treated, 24,015 have recovered and 634 have died. Among them, 10 Covid-19 patients in Merauke Regency were confirmed to have been exposed to the Delta variant.***