Torang Bisa! The spirit that helps break the national records at Papua’s Peparnas


PAPUDAILY – “Torang Bisa” could be heard and felt fervorous and loud through the last PON XX Papua 2021. The PON slogan has indeed sent a great message and shone a bright spirit throughout the sporting event.

Quoted from, “Torang Bisa” is a characteristic word of Papua people usually spoken to encourage someone. Torang is an abbreviation from “Kita Orang” and “Bisa” is an incision by the red color that symbolizes power, bravery, energy until an achievement.

“Torang bisa” isn’t only a slogan but is a principle and also a value for the Papuan people. This is reflected by one of the Papuan athletes whose success or achievement broke the record of Rekornas Papernas or Pekan Paralimpik Nasional (Peparnas) XVI in Papua last November on the sport field of high jump.

The charms of “Torang Bisa” played an important role on the success of a para-athlete named Dapiel Bayage. Dapiel who is friendly and always smiles, successfully gave an achievement in Peparnas as a representative for the host contingent, Papua. Dapiel frequently smiled when his name was called to receive a gold medal at Lukas Enembe stadion.

Dapiel is a para-athlete who won the high jump on T42 in Papua’s Peparnas. Dapiel was born with a left leg shorter than the right leg in medical terms, called focal femoral dislocation (PFFD).

As a disabled athlete, his achievement indeed can’t be underestimated. He has plenty of medals from many sporting events. His limitations never reduce his spirit of life.

He was born in Kampung Silakma, Gigma District, Yahukimo regency, Papua, on January 14, 1993. Dapiel represented Indonesia in ASEAN Para Games 2017 in Malaysia and brought home one gold medal.

The great news is that Dapiel, after Peparnas Papua, Dapiel has been called to train in the national training center or Pelatnas to prepare for ASEAN Para Games 2022 in Vietnam.

Dapiel spirit can be shown in this quote “Don’t count what you’ve lost but use what’s left of you to achieve.” Indeed, Torang Bisa is beyond just a slogan. It is the spirit of Indonesian people, especially those of Papuan ethnicity, to strive and succeed.

“Torang Bisa” A Spirit Unifier of Papua

“Torang Bisa” is philosophical. It is a sacred phrase and contains a lot of meaning. Literally it means: I, you, and we all can! This phrase can make people realize that Papua peacefully must be realized through the PON event.

The success of the las Pekan Olahraga Nasional (National Sports Week) and Pekan Paralimpik Nasional (National Paralympic Week) in Papua shed light that Papua is a promising area, home of a great community, capable of establishing collaborative lives side by side with other peoples or communities.

However, one would still see that, unfortunately, Papua is still tinged with issues such as horizontal and social conflicts, e.g. discrimination and disintegration, and other fundamental problems, e.g. low quality of education and health care.

In the context of separatism, it is occasionally heard in many conflicts between Indonesia defense forces and the separatist group—called commonly KKB (Kelompok Kriminal Bersenjata) or The Papuan Armed Criminal Group. This conflict causes casualties for both groups.

In that sense, Torang Bisa must be now much more promoted than ever. The recent success of PON and Papernas is proof that Papua is indeed a striving and peaceful land. During the two major sporting events, people from all over Indonesia from different ethnicities flocked to the easternmost province.

Many news outlets reported that these different communities cheered and supported their teams peacefully. Some were anxious about the security issue, of course. But after weeks of the events, no conflicts were reported. And instead, warm and good stories keep showing up, like how people from various ethnicities sat together and spoke with one another like family.

It is very unfortunate that still there are some who like provoking, in Indonesia or overseas, aiming Papua to separate from Indonesia.

This motto of “Torang Bisa” calls all the stakeholders in Papua and Indonesia, in general, to keep united. Because Papua can.

Once again, this is momentum for Papua to show that Papua can cooperate and work together with all other regions and communities. It is a momentum to make Papua a peaceful land and an achiever region.

Dissent is indeed a regular thing. But, the most important thing is how to maintain unity among various elements throughout Indonesia through the philosophy of life “Torang Bisa”.