Tolikara Regency Task Force Team Strengthens Supervision at Karubaga Airport


PAPUADAILY –To prevent the spread of the corona virus, The Tolikara Regency Covid-19 Task Force Team tightened surveillance at the entrance to Karubaga Airport on Saturday (17/7/2921).

Among other things, by requiring health checks for departing and arriving passengers at Karubaga Airport. In fact, passengers are required to pocket the results of the Rapid Antigen Test.

One of member the Tolikara Police, Brigadier Zakarias Wambukomo said the implementation of health protocols had been tightened at Karubaga Airport. Each passenger must wear a mask and show a doctor’s certificate or the results of the Rapid Antigen Test.

Tolikara Police Chief AKBP Y. Takamally appreciated the medical team and members who are members of the Karubaga Airport Prevention Command Post in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

According to him, the current pandemic requires all people to obey all the rules that have been issued by the Regional Government. Moreover, Covid-19 cases continue to increase in Indonesia, including Papua.

“Pandemics in every region in Indonesia are increasing, therefore we need community support in implementing strict prokes (health protocols) wherever they are,” said Takamally.

He also advised the entire community to apply strict health protocols, wear masks, wash hands with soap, maintain distance, avoid crowds and limit activities. ***