TNI task force teaches native Papuan children to read and write at the border


PAPUADAILY –Indonesian Army Pamtas Task Force Soldier-PNG Mechanized Infantry Battalion 512/QY teaches how to write and read to indigenous Papuan children in Kalilapar 2 Village, Waris District, Keerom Regency in order to educate the younger generation on the border with Papua New Guinea

Dansatgas Mechanized Infantry Battalion 512/QY Lt. Col. Taufik Hidayat in a statement on Monday said that places for studying and teaching staff along with learning facilities for books and stationery had been distributed by members of the Kalilapar Post to study at home.

“The activities carried out by members of the Kalilapar Post are a tangible manifestation of the TNI’s concern for border security to the world of education,” explained Dansatgas.

With the increase in children’s enthusiasm for learning, continued Lt. Col. Taufik, of course it will greatly affect the quality of the nation’s next generation so that one day they will be able to change Papua to be more advanced and developing.

In this activity, Pos Kalilapar members also distributed reading books in the hope that they could foster interest in reading to increase knowledge and insight for children.

“The joy of the children is very visible when Pos members interact by giving a little joke,” said Dansatgas.

Meanwhile, Danpos Kalilapar Letda Inf Wahyu Luhur Priyono revealed that the children were very happy when they received school stationery from members of the Kalilapar Post. “Hopefully this kind of activity can run continuously in the future,” hoped Danpos.

He admitted, with activities like this, it is hoped that the interest and enthusiasm for learning in children can increase, when providing tutoring, a little jokes and a question and answer method are inserted so that children do not feel bored and bored.

The traditional leader of Kalilapar 2 Village, Paulus Maunda, expressed his appreciation to the Kalilapar Pos TNI task force who has been concerned with the education of children in his village. “Thank you to Danpos and all members who have done a lot of good for our residents and children, hopefully Pos members are always given safety and given health in their work,” said Paulus Maunda.