TNI Commander Will Go to Papua to Announce Latest Handling Strategy

Panglima TNI Akan ke Papua Umumkan Strategi Penanganan yang Terbaru

The Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General TNI Andika Perkasa, will depart for Papua in the near future to announce a strategy for dealing with these vulnerable areas. The TNI and Polri prioritize a humanist approach.

This was conveyed by Andika when meeting with the National Police Chief Gen. Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Tuesday (23/11/2021). According to him, efforts to crush armed criminal groups (KKB) do not need a war approach.

“Hopefully next week I will go to Papua, we will announce it there. The discussion on Papua was the main thing,” said TNI General Andika at the National Police Headquarters, Tuesday. He also conveyed the handling of the KKB without a war approach in the fit and proper test at Commission I of the DPR.

He said he wanted to use military diplomacy and a humanist approach in solving problems in Papua. This discussion with the National Police Chief, he said, was necessary so that there would be no overlapping tasks between TNI and police personnel in Papua. This agenda was discussed in detail with General Pol Listyo Sigit. “We discussed this in detail earlier. Later I will go to Papua,” he said.