This is the result of the meeting of the Papuan Police Chief with the Supporting Mass for the Erdi Dabi-Jhon Wilil couple


Mass supporters of the Yalimo regional head candidate pair, Erdi Dabi-Jhon Wilil, conveyed their aspirations when meeting the Papuan Police Chief, Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri.

The meeting took place at the location where they blocked the road which was the entrance and exit of the Elelim District.

The mass of hundreds of people previously set fire to 34 government offices and 126 shop houses, resulting in billions of rupiah in losses.

The action was carried out because they were disappointed with the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) which disqualified the candidate for regional head they supported.

During the meeting, the masses from five districts in Yalimo expressed their aspirations before the Kapolda, namely that they rejected the Constitutional Court’s decision.

“Within one week the inauguration decree (Erdi Dabi-Jhon Wilil) must come out, we don’t want PSU anymore,” said Nathan Mabel, Coordinator of the Erdi Dabi-Jhon Wilil Supporting Mass, in Elelim, Monday (5/7/2021).

After the meeting, the masses then opened the roadblock and dispersed.

Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri stated that he would continue the aspirations that the masses submitted to him to the relevant parties.

“What we have conveyed from supporters of 01 will be forwarded to the relevant ministries, of course also to our leadership, the National Police Chief and the TNI Commander, as well as the Indonesian KPU,” he said.

He emphasized that with the characteristics of the people in the mountains of Papua, the security forces cannot act repressively to control the masses.

Therefore, he came directly to Elelim to meet the masses who were still emotionally carried away by the Constitutional Court’s decision. However, he also ensured that the Constitutional Court’s decision ordering the re-election (PSU) must be prepared before any other policies from stakeholders in Jakarta.

“My presence with our friends wants there to be no more incidents in Yalimo that lead to mass riots, what about anarchist actions that result in casualties. Recovery of course takes time and we need to prepare the Constitutional Court’s decision (for PSU) 120  Today, of course, I am here so that there is another approach, especially to the couple 01 (Erdi Dabi-Jhon Wilil) on how to respond to matters relating to yesterday’s incident (the arson),” said Fakhiri.

With the 328 joint personnel in Elelim, the Kapolda hopes that the conditions at the location can be controlled, although in the end the KPU must continue to carry out the PSU.

“Hopefully what we got will be taken into consideration by the policy makers in Jakarta. I as the executor here will prepare what extra preparations if we do another PSU,” said Fakhiri.