The Yawa Kodim TMMD Task Force Builds 8 Residential Houses in Miosnum Village, Yapen


PAPUADAILY –The 112th TNI Manunggal Village Building Task Force (TMMD Task Force) Kodim 1709/Yawa completed the construction of eight units of permanent livable type-63 houses measuring 9×7 meters for residents of Miosnum Village, Yerui Island District, Yapen Islands Regency, Papua. Their dream of owning a home has now come true.

Head of the 1709 Kodim 1709 TMMD Task Force/Yawa Serka Prayogo in a statement received on Tuesday said that the construction of eight livable housing units which had been carried out since pre-TMMD until now has been firmly established to be occupied.

He admitted that the construction of the physical target of the eight 112th TMMD houses had been completed one hundred percent.

“All of this can be realized thanks to the unity of the TMMD Task Force with the local community, which is accompanied by an unyielding spirit, working hand in hand in completing the TMMD physical task this time,” said Serka Prayogo. Quoted Antara.

Meanwhile, residents who received TMMD housing assistance, Andri Kadiwaru, said that they were very grateful and grateful to the Indonesian Army, especially the 1709/Yawa Kodim and also the Yapen Islands Regency local government for bringing major changes to the welfare of the people in Miosnum Village.

“We express our deepest gratitude to the Yapen Islands Regency Government and Kodim 1709/Yawa for housing assistance in the 112th TMMD program. And we are very grateful for all of these achievements,” said Mr. Andri Kadiwaru, one of the house aid recipients.

Residents of Miosnum village on Yerui island who received housing assistance include the families of Yulianus Komari, Kristian Paririe, Nilam Koromat, Pedrik Beroperai, Petrus Beroperai, Yowel Paririe and Yakobus Kadiwaru.***