The TNI Task Force invites children in the mountains of Papua to learn and play


PAPUADAILY –TNI soldiers from the Security Task Force for Vulnerable Areas (Pamrahwan) Yonif RK 751/VJS invites children in the mountains of Papua in Kanggime Village, Tolikara Regency, to play and learn in an effort to improve the quality of the young generation of indigenous Papuans.

The Commander of the Pamrahwan Task Force Battalion RK 751/VJS Lt. Col. Inf. Dedy DC, in a statement received on Saturday, said that Papua is a territory of the Republic of Indonesia that has a lot of potential for human resources in mountainous areas and valleys, which have different characters from children in urban areas.

“The existence of the TNI Task Force is expected to direct children who lack facilities to find out their needs,” said the Dansatgas.

Dansatgas Lt. Col. Inf. Dedy DC said that at this time it was still found that children were misbehaving, caused by various factors, including the negative impact of the development of advances in science and technology as well as changes in lifestyle.

“What the Danpos Kanggime Letda Inf Totok has done is a positive thing by taking an approach by playing and learning,” said Dansatgas.

By playing and learning, he continued, to make Papua develop and have equality with other developing regions in Eastern Indonesia, the younger generation must be equipped with knowledge and pay more attention.

“With limited facilities, the level of welfare, health services that are still lacking need to be joint attention, as was done at the Post in the Kanggime Tolikara area,” said Dansatgas.