The number of Covid-19 Patients in Papua Has Decreased, 94.7% of Patients Have been Declared Cured


PAPUADAILY –The number of Covid-19 patients in Papua has reportedly decreased. The Papua Covid-19 Prevention and Handling Task Force (SGPP) stated that 39,835 people or 94.7% of patients exposed to Covid-19 in Papua were declared cured.

“Cumulatively until Friday (10/9/2021), 42,050 people who were exposed to Covid-19 and 39,835 people recovered or 94.7%, explained the spokesman for the Papua Covid-19 SGPP, Dr. Silwanus Sumule at Jayapura, Sunday (12/9/2021). Quoted by

Currently, only 1,035 people are being treated or 2.5% and 1,183 people have died or 2.8%.

“Indeed, the number of Covid-19 patients continues to decline and many have recovered after undergoing self-quarantine,” Sumule said.

He admitted that most of the positive residents were categorized as asymptomatic people (OTG).

Although the recovery rate continues to increase until the number of people being treated is reduced, his party still hopes that the community will implement health protocols when doing activities outside the home.

“Keep up the prokes and carry out vaccinations to avoid Covid-19,” said Silwanus Sumule.

Separately, Jayapura City SGPP Covid-19 spokesman Dr Nyoman Antari said, as of Saturday (11/9/2021), the number of residents being treated for exposure to Covid-19 was recorded at 92 people, of which 14 people were being treated in a centralized isolation area ( isotherm) in KM Tidar.

“Cumulatively there were 12,789 positive people, 12,431 people were declared cured, 266 people were declared dead,” said Nyoman Antari.***