The latest news from the Regent of Intan Jaya regarding the Papuan KKB, please pray for it

Kabar Terbaru Dari Bupati Intan Jaya Soal KKB Papua, Mohon Doanya

Intan Jaya Regent Natalis Tabuni admitted that his party continues to seek to approach the KKB or TPN – OPM group, which has often been involved in armed conflict with the TNI-Polri. He admitted that he had communicated with the Papuan KKB group but needed extra patience for it to come to fruition.

“We have done communication many times, using a cultural, familial approach, through churches, village community leaders, the Intan Jaya DPRD institution. We did everything,” said Natalis to reporters, Tuesday (23/11).

“It takes extra patience to really be able to build the same awareness and perception as our brothers and sisters.”

According to Natalis, currently the TPN-OPM group is divided into several groups, each of which wants to show their existence. He said there was a Sabinus Waker group that had existed for a long time but there were also new groups that had just come out of Paniai and Puncak, Puncak Jaya.

“We have approached the Sabinus Waker group for a long time and they have kept their promise to stop the war,” said Natalis Tabuni. According to Natalis, this latest incident is a new group.


“They shoot there, shoot here just to show their existence. It’s not clear what he wants. This is what we will continue to seek to have a dialogue or approach. It has to be extra patient and patient,” Natalis said.

He hopes that the approach he has taken so far, including the TNI/Polri, can produce positive results so that the KKB/TPN-OPM groups understand the message to stop fighting. This is because, in fact, currently causing casualties among civilians, especially children and women. “So, we want our brothers and sisters to stop fighting, because there have been many victims. If there is a dialogue, we will make sure they are also safe and from there we can build a joint commitment,” Natalis said. He admitted that the prolonged conflict had an impact on development in Intan Jaya which did not run optimally and effectively. “At least if we talk about physical development, health, education, and also the economy, it will almost certainly be very disturbed. This is what we feel because security disturbances continue to occur,” Natalis said. He hoped that his appeal could be heard so that the security situation was under control. “Therefore, we can build Intan Jaya Papua safely and peacefully,” Natalis concluded.