The figure of a Papuan wrestler, Andrewl Sada, knows wrestling from his grandfather


PAPUADAILY –The man from Biak was taught wrestling from his grandfather, but prefers football. Wrestler Andrewl Sada was born in Biak, October 18, 1995. Now he has been prepared to represent Papua in the XX 2021 National Sports Week (PON) event.

The 172 cm tall man started school at the Inpres Ridge 2 Biak Elementary School. Then he continued at YPK 1 Biak Junior High School (SMP). After that, he continued his education at the State High School (SMA) 1 Teluk Wondama.

Initially, Andrewl knew wrestling from his grandfather Yance Sada who taught wrestling. The grandfather is also a wrestling legend in Papua. In his heyday, Yance Sada had presented 5 gold medals at the SEA Games and Asian Games.

Although his grandfather had taught Wrestling since childhood, Andrewl was more interested in football.

Andrewl was only motivated when he got the opportunity to compete in a Wrestling event to Jakarta and other areas on the island of Java. In his career, Andrewl participated in Pre-PON 2015 in Malang, East Java.

The man from Biak once represented West Papua Province in the U-23 senior championship in Grobogan, Central Java, and came out as third place.

Regarding the upcoming 2021 PON XX Papua, Andrewl is targeting to win one gold medal. “I want to dedicate the best for Papua, one gold from the Wrestling Sport, I’m sure for Bumi Cenderawasih,” he told when confirmed from Jayapura, Tuesday (29/6/2021).

Now, he and the Papua Wrestling team are practicing in preparation for the PON in the training camp, in the Flower City of Bandung, West Java. “We are still focused on training here, the schedule is quite solid, one day 3 training sessions, except on Sundays,” he said.

Andrewl said that the Papuan wrestling team that will participate in the XX 2021 PON, consists of the men’s freestyle group and the Grigo Roman style, each with 6 people, and the women’s freestyle also 6 people.

Meanwhile, for the medal target as a team or wrestling team, Andrewl admitted that the coach had not discussed it. He added, specifically for the sport of Wrestling, there are minimal championship events in Papua.

“Especially for this Wrestling Sport, there are indeed less championships in Papua, so only Pre-PON and PON,” he said.

Regarding the progress of the Papua Wrestling athlete team’s readiness ahead of the 2021 PON XX, Andrewl said his team was 100 percent ready. “We are very ready, and only ask for the blessing of the Papuan people, especially Wrestling lovers to pray for and support us in competing,” he added.