The ferocious penetration of the Papuan jungle, this is the story of the Kopassus captain that irritates the Dutch soldiers

Tembus Ganasnya Rimba Papua, Begini Kisah Kapten Kopassus Bikin Kesal Prajurit Belanda

The infiltration of TNI troops continued in 1962 to liberate West Irian (present day Papua) from the clutches of the Dutch. Including the deployment of an RPKAD detachment (currently Kopassus) led by Captain Benny Moerdani. The deployment of Kopassus troops, known as Operation Dragon, did not go smoothly. The ferocious jungle of Papua is not something that is familiar to soldiers, even to trained troops like Kopassus. Lack of preparation is said to be the cause of the death of a number of soldiers in this operation.

 In the book “Kopassus for Indonesia, the Professionalism of Kopassus Soldiers”, chaos ensued before the landing where the order of the parachutists did not match the agreement, while the soldiers complained that the weight of their backpacks reached 30 kg. Worse yet, the soldiers plunged 30 km further north of the dropping zone because the map used was inaccurate. Strong winds also made the landing of a number of Hercules aircraft not go smoothly even though the planes had flown as low as possible and were close to each other. As a result, many troops did not meet their comrades until the ceasefire three months later, some have even been missing until now.

 The deployment of troops at night also made many soldiers stuck in Papuan trees which reached 30-40 meters high. They had difficulty descending because they were only provided with a 20 meter long rope. In addition there were also troops who landed in the swamps and immediately drowned because of the 30 kg backpacks they were carrying. The situation made Captain Benny Moerdani not lose his mind. He had planned for the soldiers to consolidate on the second day after the deployment. After returning the conditions to combat readiness, radio equipment, ammunition reserves, sufficient logistics and the presence of the commander, the Operation Dragon troops immediately went to the heart of the Dutch defense in Merauke.