The Deep Philosophy of Papeda Typical Papua, Typical Food Place for XX PON


The PON national sports event organized by the Indonesian National Sports Committee is currently taking place in Papua. PON XX Papua 2021 will be directly opened by President Jokowi at the Lukas Enembe Stadium in Jayapura. Papeda is one of the typical Papuan foods that will host the XX Papua PON 2021 and is well known. In Papua itself, the people there use papeda as a substitute for rice as a source of carbohydrates. Papeda is a food that has a thick white texture with a bland taste made from sago which is squeezed and filtered before being cooked.

As a typical Papuan food, papeda has a deep philosophy. When eating papeda, a family usually eats it equipped with strands and hote. Strands are traditional eating utensils made of wood as a place for serving papeda. While the hote is a wooden plate as a place to eat papeda. Read also: Papuan Papeda Recipe, Practical Alternative to Rice The tradition of eating papeda from the same plate in one family by the Sentani people is referred to as strands of mbai hote mbai, mbai means one. This term is interpreted as a philosophy, namely eating in one family can be a story that can be saved for the future of children and grandchildren. For them, the family meal marks a family bond as a space for discussion between parents and children.