Tantri Kotak and 500 Drones Will Celebrate the Closing of Peparnas


PAPUADAILY –The drone series again adorns the closing ceremony of Peparnas XVI Papua tomorrow, Saturday (11/13/2021). A total of 500 drones that display a variety of spectacular show blockades. Jokowi is confirmed to be present to close Peparnas.

The activity, which takes place at the Jayapura Mandala Stadium, will also feature other drone shows. Namely, the hundreds of drones formed the Peparnas logo and said goodbye.

This indicates that the completion of the four-year performance in Papua.

Chairman of the Opening and Closing Ceremony (OCC) of Papernas Papua 2021, Toton Hutomi Hundreds said hundreds of drones were imported from California and Dubai.

“The pilots were imported from Europe and Singapore,” Toton said in a written statement from the National Paralympic Committee. Quoted Tribunnews.com.

Toton Hutomi explained, the attraction of hundreds of drones shows that Jayapura is one of the elite cities that is reckoned with in the international arena.

In the opening ceremony, the drone attraction was made as close as possible to the opening of the Tokyo Olympics which only took place a few months ago.

“Everything that is shown will not lose to the opening of the Tokyo Olympics because there are at least 2800 people involved in this agenda,” said Toton.

As an additional leak, the drone attraction was witnessed along with the performance of the capital’s band, Kotak.

Tantri and Cs are currently preparing to entertain the people of Jayapura City on the closing night of the XVI National Tourism Forum.

A series of closing ceremonies for Peparnas XVI Papua begins at 17.00 WIT tomorrow, Saturday (11/13/2021).***