Tambrauw, Hidden Paradise in Papua


Tambrauw Regency, one of the regencies in West Papua Province, Indonesia. In 2010, this district had the least population in Indonesia, which was only 6,144 people.

Tambrauw is still not ogled by tourists. The reason is that so far, Tambrauw is only known as one of the trajectories that connects two major cities in West Papua, namely Sorong and Manokwari.

Here is offered a beauty and freshness of the forest that is still awake and green. Tambrauw’s nature is still very natural with a stretch of tropical forest, clear rivers, a variety of flora and fauna that differ from one another.

A wide expanse of grass decorated with cobwebs to form a beautiful white color every morning. Moreover, the view of the sunrise that appears from behind the hill also offers another beauty.

In National Geographic, it is stated that the bird, which is also called the wire-dead bird of paradise, is classified into the Paradisaeidae family. One type of paradise that is said to have a paradise-like beauty.

Tambrauw also has 12 types of smart bird species. This is what makes bird watching as local wisdom potential to be a regional tourism potential.

The story of Tambrauw Regency, is a story about an area that loves forests very much. Not only love, the people there have treated the forest like a mother.