Surviving 37 Years, Here’s Emma Tahapary Hope for Her Athletics Record Breaker


PAPUADAILY –Former national runner Emma Tahapary has hopes for Sri Mayasari who broke her athletic record after surviving 37 years.

Emma Tahapary hopes that Sri Mayasari can make Indonesia proud at the Asian and even global level.

Emma said she was proud that her record for 37 years was finally broken. “I waited for 37 years, just to break my record,” said the wife of the late singer Yopie Latul. Quoted by

Emma is the national record holder for the women’s 400 meter run with a score of 54.20 seconds.

Emma’s record was then broken by a South Sumatran athlete, Sri Mayasari.

At the XX Papua PON 2021 event, Sri Mayasari recorded a time of 53.22 seconds.

Sri Mayasari also with this notch also broke the PON record in his own name.

Sri Mayasari also won a gold medal for the women’s 400 meter number. She also won the women’s 200 meters gold medal.

Meanwhile, Emma Tahapary said that during the training process, Sri Mayasari often communicated with her.

“He’s always contacting me to communicate about training programs,” says Emma Tahapary.***