Support PON, Kemenkop Involve Leaders and Young Generation


PAPUADAILY –The Ministry of Cooperatives (Kemenkop) and Small Micro/Medium Enterprises (UKM) together with the Papuan regional government are synergizing in supporting the implementation of PON and Peparnas (National Paralympic Week) in 2021 Papua by involving leaders and young people.

This was revealed, said the Special Staff of the Minister of Cooperatives & SMEs in the field of People’s Economy Riza Damanik in Jakarta, Saturday (25/7/2021).

Riza said the activity was intended to increase the capacity of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and cooperatives through various forms of vocational training, cooperatives, and export-import.

“Other activities are financing support for People’s Business Credit (KUR), Productive Micro Business Assistance (BPUM), or Revolving Funds through the Revolving Fund Management Agency (LPDB),” he said.

He continued, SMESCO’s strengthening of entrepreneurial incubator cooperation and Papua thematic events, including the operation and development of the Center for Integrated Cooperatives and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (PLUT-MSMEs) Business Services.

“Priority activities are allocated through the APBN (State Expenditure Budget) and DAK (Special Allocation Funds) with a total value of Papua and West Papua of around Rp. 50 billion. The budget provided is in the form of support funds or indirect program synergies for the implementation of PON,” he explained.

According to him, as an ongoing first step, is strengthening the capacity of the Human Resources (HR) of cooperatives and SMEs through several activities, namely training, mentoring, business incubation, as well as financing support both through People’s Business Credit (KUR) and revolving funds, and distribution Productive Assistance for Micro Enterprises (BPUM).

The program is expected to improve the economy for the people of Papua and West Papua, including optimizing the active role of MSMEs and cooperatives in organizing PON and Papernas.***