Spend Hundreds of Billions, Kampung Harapan and Doyo Baru Finished Beautifying to Welcome PON XX


Not only building sports venues, the surrounding area has also been beautified to support the XX National Sports Week (PON) in Papua Province which will be held from October 2-15 2021. One of them, Kampung Harapan and Kampung Doyo Baru, East Sentani District are ready to clean up.

The location of Kampung Harapan is close to the venue area for the Akuatik and Istora Papua Bangkit venues. Meanwhile, Kampung Doyo Baru is located in the vicinity of the Cricket arena and the Hockey Field (indoor and outdoor) in the Waibu District.

Deputy Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) John Wempi Wetipo said that the management of the Papua PON infrastructure which had been completed would be better if it involved Papuan youth.

“Because they are the next generation who will inherit the infrastructure that has been built,” he said, quoted from the Ministry of PUPR’s website, Tuesday (31/8/2021). Quoted by Kompas.com.

The cost of structuring the area around the venue uses the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) of IDR 211.7 billion.

The work carried out is the construction of connecting roads between venues, parking areas, green open spaces (RTH), pedestrians, and landscapes.

The arrangement of the 28.7 hectare Kampung Harapan sports area has been implemented since January 2020 with the contractor PT PP (Persero) Tbk.

PAPUADAILY –At this location, a number of supporting facilities were also built, such as a training or warm-up field, a stadium safe zone, and a parking area with a capacity of 123 buses, 1,059 cars, and 678 vehicles.

Meanwhile, the construction of the Doyo Baru area has been carried out by the implementing contractor PT Cahaya Bina Karya since the contract as of December 4, 2019.

The work on structuring the Doyo Baru area is the same as being carried out in Kampung Harapan.

In addition to structuring sports areas, the PUPR Ministry has also completed a work package for the construction of a drainage and sanitation system.

The contract value for drainage construction is IDR 4.8 billion as an integral part of flood control to avoid inundation and extend the service life of connecting roads and sports arenas.

For the sanitation system, Rp 6.3 billion has been disbursed in the form of the construction of permanent and mobile toilets, as well as faecal vehicles.***