Soon to be inaugurated by the President, Mahfud MD Observes Posts Crossing Borders


PAPUADAILY –Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD shared the moment of his visit when he visited the Sota State Border Post (PLBN), Sunday (12/9/2021). The post, which forms the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, will soon be inaugurated by Jokowi.

During the visit, Mahfud was accompanied by the Minister of Home Affairs, the Head of the National Border Management Agency (BNPP) and the Regent of Merauke.

“We enjoyed this trip, not only because the road to Sota District was good and smooth, but also because we could see up close the villages at the end of the country, which are very far from the capital city of Jakarta,” wrote Mahfud, Sunday (12/9/2021) in his Instagram account @Mohmahfudmd.

Mahfud explained, Merauke Regency is an area in Papua Province known to be safe because social friction rarely occurs.

According to him, the residents live side by side in harmony, the land is fertile, and the community’s economy is in the good category.

“We arrived at the Sota PLBN after traveling about 1.5 hours. We saw the beautiful and quite magnificent PLBN building, with a design concept that adopted local wisdom. In the form of an ant nest with local ornaments, Tifa color, local tribal motifs,” he explained.

At the PLBN location, Mahfud witnessed Custom Immigration Quarantine Security (CIQS), Customs and Excise, and saw the existing PLBN supporting facilities.

According to him, with the presence of the PLBN and various other facilities, the economy of the community around the border is expected to grow even more.

“That’s why the residents of Sota and Merauke are proud and grateful to President Jokowi who has given great attention, as Mr. Regent Romanus Beni told me,” he said.

He also said that if there were no obstacles, President Jokowi would inaugurate the Sota PLBN in October.

On the sidelines of his working visit, Mahfud did not forget to capture the moment to take pictures at the location of the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border marker.

In addition, the Border Monument and the 0 Kilometer point of Merauke-Sabang are also the location of the photo of the former Minister of Defense in the era of President Gus Dur.

“On the way back to Merauke to continue to Mopah Airport, my entourage and I stopped at the Merauke Grand Mosque, Al-Aqsa for the midday prayer. This time we were accompanied by the Deputy Regent Haji Riduan who is originally from Nganjuk, East Java. After praying, we said goodbye to back to Jakarta,” said Mahfud close his story on Instagram.***