Smelter Protests in Gresik, Jokowi will Comply with Papuan Requests


PAPUADAILY –The Minister of Investment/Head of BKPM Bahlil Lahadalia has conveyed the aspirations of the Papuan people to Jokowi regarding their desire for a smelter to be built in Papua, such as in Gresik.

Previously, Papuans and West Papuans protested because President Jokowi inaugurated the construction of the PT Freeport Indonesia smelter in the Gresik Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

“I have been in intense communication with the President after I reported developments regarding what was directed by Papuan friends regarding the desire for the construction of a smelter to be built in Papua,” he said in a virtual press conference, Wednesday (27/10/2021). Quoted from

His party, continued Bahlil, is formulating comprehensive steps with PT Freeport Indonesia and the Ministry of SOEs to increase mining production capacity. Thus, some of the mining products can be processed in the smelter to be built in Papua.

“We have also communicated this with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, in the future we will plan to build a smelter in Papua and this has become part of what we have programmed,” he said.

He continued, “So friends in Papua, my brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, God willing, pray that as soon as possible, we will increase Freeport’s copper capacity from 3 million to 3.8 million or to 4 million, the rest That’s what the smelter will then be built in Papua”.

As a man born in Eastern Indonesia who sits in government, Bahlil emphasized that he had fought for a smelter to be built in Papua.

Just one thing, I beg you, if there is a policy, please support it well, not to mention we have made a (smelter) we people (we people) have the methods of this block, block that . If we are like that, it will be difficult for investors to enter. But I think we can resolve it amicably as a family,” he added.***