Serving Routine Health, TNI Yonif 403 Task Force Gives Treatment to Residents at the RI-PNG Border


PAPUADAILY –Health services are provided by the TNI on a regular basis to the inmates. Health personnel of the Pamtas Task Force Mechanical Infantry Yonif 403/Wirasada Pratista Pos KM 140 visited a resident’s house on the RI-PNG border in Monggoeffi Lama Village, Yaffi District, Keerom Regency, Papua.

The Commander of the Pamtas Task Force (Dansatgas) Mechanized Infantry Yonif 403/Wirasada Pratista, Lt. Col. Inf Ade Pribadi Siregar, in a statement received by ANTARA, Monday (13/9/2021) said the health team held mobile health services by directly visiting people’s homes.

“The mobile health service is led by Serda Citto Terna Putra and five other Pos KM 140 personnel,” explained Dansatgas.

The Dansatgas mentioned that entering the rainy season the risk of getting disease is getting higher.

“Therefore, we will always try to ensure that all members of the task force receive maximum health services,” said the Dansatgas.

Dansatgas Lieutenant Colonel Ade said that health is the main thing that must be maintained so that we can all carry out activities properly and residents with good health conditions can carry out activities to meet the needs of daily life.

“Health services for residents are routinely carried out to identify and prevent early diseases suffered by residents, so that they can prevent disease conditions from getting worse,” said Dansatgas.

He admitted, from the results of the health checks, most of the residents had coughs, runny noses, fevers and also itching on the feet, between the fingers and back, this happened considering the humid air due to high rainfall.

“We also advise the community and invite residents to always maintain their health regularly by diligently exercising, maintaining personal and environmental hygiene and immediately seeking treatment if they feel symptoms of illness or feel unwell,” said Dansatgas.

Meanwhile, the Tribal Chief (Ondoafi) of Monggoeffi Village Damianus Onangge revealed that the medical service activities from the Pamtas Mechanized Infantry Yonif 403 were very helpful for the community and the benefits could also be directly felt by the villagers, especially those who experienced symptoms of illness that had not yet healed.

“We are very happy that the TNI Post KM 140 gentlemen came to our village and have given help to treat sick residents and want to share knowledge on how to live a healthy life,” said Damianus.***