Senator Filep Responds to General Dudung’s Statement Regarding KKB

Senator Filep Responds to General Dudung's Statement Regarding KKB

Senator or DPD RI member from West Papua Province Filep Wamafma responded to the statement by the Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General Dudung Abdurachman who wanted to embrace the Armed Criminal Group (KKB). According to Filep, many parties said that General Dudung’s statement was not in line with the duties of the TNI as the front line in defending and defending the Republic of Indonesia. What’s more, many people think that the KKB has caused chaos and caused a number of victims. It also does not deny that KKB carried out its maneuvers in a cruel manner. Previously, General Dudung reminded his soldiers not to even think about killing. Also Read: General Dudung Ready to Deploy All Soldiers, Some Immediately Reacted “You have to love the people. You have to show love to the Papuan people. You have to be kind to the Papuan people, don’t hurt them,” said Army Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurachman at the 754/ENK20/3 Kostrad Raiders Battalion Headquarters, in Timika, Papua, Tuesday (23/11). ADVERTISEMENT Regarding General Dudung’s statement, senator Filep Wamafma stated that he supported the statement of the number one person in the TNI AD. “We support all steps for the safety of civilians. If necessary, no more gunfights. According to people’s aspirations, it is necessary to evaluate the deployment of war troops in conflict areas,” said Senator Filep, Friday (26/11). Read also: General Dudung’s order, TNI Soldiers Must Protect Papuan People from KKB Intimidation This Unhas graduate doctor said the concept of resolving Aceh’s GAM and the Republic of Indonesia could be adopted as a guide or methodology to resolve Papuan problems. However, said Filep, the TNI must also understand in detail the real root cause of the problem, namely the history of integration, the Act of Free Choice, human rights violations in all aspects and racial discrimination that still occurs. He emphasized to the TNI and Polri institutions the importance of building trust in the community. This was based on past actions (such as the shooting of civilians, traditional leaders, religious leaders) but no resolution was made.


Filef emphasizes building public confidence in the actions taken during the Military Operations Area, until now there have been a number of cases of human rights violations against civilians as well as traditional, religious, political, and student leaders in Papua. Also Read: Mother Itet Visits Lampung University, Students Get Ready, Listen “Is the TNI Commander able to solve this? If it is only a statement without a commitment to implement it, then the Commander’s statement is useless. I believe this good intention needs to be supported by all parties,” said Filep. Filep reminded the case of the death of a traditional leader who is also a Papuan leader, Theys Eluay and other figures. Therefore, the commander’s commitment must be carried out. According to Filep, apart from the commander in chief, the commitment of the supreme commander, namely the President, must be carried out on various occasions, both during the campaign and as President. In fact, that is the real root of the problem,” said Filep Wamafma.