Routine Health Services for Residents in Yetti Village


PAPUADAILY –Mobile health and medical services are routinely provided by TNI soldiers from the RI-PNG Border Security Task Force (Satgas Pamtas) Battalion 131/Brs Pos Yetti for indigenous Papuans in Yetti Village, East Arso District, Keerom Regency, Indonesia’s border region with Papua New Guinea.

This treatment activity was led by Dankipur C who is also Danpos Yetti Lettu Inf Musafri Siregar and postal health personnel.

Combat Company Commander C of the Pamtas Task Force Battalion 131/Brs Dankipur Lettu Inf Musafri Siregar in his statement (21/72021), said the routine checks and free medical treatment were aimed at ensuring that all residents in border areas were always in good health.

He hopes that this will be a means of communication with residents around the post so that good relations are established and the realization of the unity of the TNI and the people.

“With healthy community conditions, they will certainly be able to work well in earning a living for their families,” said Musafri Siregar.

Meanwhile, Thania border residents expressed their gratitude to TNI soldiers who always care for them, residents at the RI-PNG border.

“I and the rest of the community would like to thank the TNI, so that God will repay the kindness of the TNI task force, because they really care about helping residents meet their health needs,” their statement said.***