Riots in Yalimo Caused 1,146 Residents to Evacuate


PAPUADAILY –After the anarchic action carried out by the mass supporters of the candidate pair for regent number 1, Erdi Dabi-Jhon Wilil in Yalimo, a total of 1,146 residents evacuated.

The riots occurred on Tuesday (29/6/2021) after the Constitutional Court (MK) disqualified the candidates for regent and deputy regent Erdi Dabi-Jhon Wilil.

Dandim 1702/Jayawijaya Lt. Col. Inf. Arif Budi Situmeang said his party supports the Police in providing protection to residents.  Thus, the refugees did not leave the area.

“We are trying to carry out the restoration there, as well as to record the shop houses and kiosks that were burned by the masses,” said Lt. Col. Inf. Arif as reported by Antara, Thursday (1/7/2021).

According to Arif, as many as 1,146 refugees were spread over a number of points.  They are 423 people at the Yalimo Koramil, 77 people at the Yalimo Skeleton Kodim, 526 people at the Yalimo Police Station, 80 people at the JRP Church, and 40 people at the Kingmi Church.

He emphasized that no one died in the riots that broke out after the Constitutional Court’s decision.  This is because the masses are targeting government offices.

“We make sure there are no casualties or injuries from the community. The average material loss is from people who have fled to several places,” he said.

He also explained that the TNI had sent 45 personnel to Yalimo on Wednesday (30/6/2021) to be on guard even though the situation had started to become conducive and there were no more burnings.