Responding to Public Complaints, Commission V of the Papuan House of Representatives Directly Conducts Inspections at the Jayapura Hospital

Respon Keluhan Masyarakat, Komisi V DPR Papua Langsung Lakukan Sidak di RSUD Jayapura

Commission V of the Papua House of Representatives for Health and Education, recently received many complaints and aspirations from the community regarding the slow service and lack of health facilities at the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Dok 2 Jayapura.

With this complaint, the Chairman of Commission V of the Papuan DPR, Timiles Yikwa, SE accompanied by members of Commission V of the Papuan DPR including Hengky Bayage, Namantus Gwijangge, Decky Nawipa, Nason Utty and Elly Wonda as well as expert staff of Commission V of the Papuan DPR, immediately responded quickly by taking action. sudden inspection (Sidak) at the Jayapura Hospital, Monday, November 22, 2021.

In fact, from the results of this work visit or Sidak, Commission V of the DPR Papua has also found a number of problems that exist within the scope of the Jayapura Regional Hospital.

“Our inspection today, for the needs of the Jayapura Regional Hospital as a referral hospital that we must complete, even though it has been submitted in writing by the director at the meeting, but because there are currently complaints so we check, and it turns out that there are many things that we have to see at the Jayapura Hospital. ,” said the chairman of Commission V of the Papuan DPR, Timiles Jikwa, SE to reporters, after conducting an inspection at the Jayapura Hospital.

Moreover, the most important thing, continued Timiles, is for Radiology, both CT Scan and MRI, which need to be added with equipment and the location must be moved to a building closer to the ER Jayapura Hospital, so that patient handling is faster and work coordination is faster.

The reason, said Timiles, is that they work according to procedures, while there are quite a lot of patients treated, resulting in a buildup of patients, for that the treatment must be accelerated and not slow.

“After we looked at it, it turned out that the radiology room was not feasible and small, and the equipment was very limited. After we ask this tool if it is added, then the energy must also be added. I think it should be added as well, so hopefully the management will look at this carefully, considering that the equipment is very important, “said Timiles.



In fact, not only that, said the Politician from the National Mandate Party (PAN), if the AIDS or anti-AIDS examination tools are hampered because of the shortage of reagents for examining patients.


“We’ve met the doctor and we asked. Is this due to lack of tools or lack of money?. The doctor said that this anti-AIDS test lacked reagents, which was experienced nationally. This reagent is procured by the Health Office,” said Timiles.


As a result, Timiles explained, patients who are going to undergo an Anti-AIDS examination must be referred to a private laboratory after receiving a KPS referral.



“So, the problem now is there. So, we, Commission V, DPR Papua, have found a problem. Now, we will confirm with the director, whether the money is lacking, the tools are not available or we need to look outside,” he explained.


In addition, Commission V of the Papuan DPR also found that reports of cultural inspections which had been almost a year could not be carried out. However, Commission V of the DPR Papua does not know for sure what the cause is, even though the culture examination is very important for patients.

For this reason, the Papuan legislator reminded the management of the Jayapura Regional Hospital to continue to build communication and work coordination in providing health services to people who seek treatment at the hospital.

As for the delivery room, Timiles Yikwa said, the patient’s family really needs a waiting room that is rather large and closed, so that when it rains they don’t get wet.

“They conveyed the need. I think this needs to be addressed, so that patients are not disturbed, when they need a family to look after them, they just need to be called,” he said.

In fact, the delivery room at the Jayapura Regional Hospital is also in dire need of a toilet, because there is only one that can be used, while there are many patients.


“There is only one toilet in this delivery room, even though there are many spaces. The water only works at night, even though water is the main need. So, the patient’s family must bring water in jerry cans from home. This is not true because of the patient’s needs. So, there must be additional toilets and fixing the clean water in the room,” said Timiles Yikwa.


Timiles Yikwa added, in addition to clean water, additional toilets and waiting rooms, it is also necessary to add facilities in the treatment room including fans and ceiling repairs.


“In the near future, we will invite the management of the Jayapura Hospital to confirm this and to answer the patient’s needs,” said Timiles.