Relentlessly TNI AL Conducts Vaccination Rush in Mimika Papua


PAPUADAILY –The vaccination rush in Mimika was carried out by the Timika Naval Base Unit (Lanal Timika) which synergized with various elements in Mimika such as the Timika Rumkitban, Kodim 1710/Mimika, Brigif 20/3 Kostrad, Airbase Yohanis Kapiyau and Satrad 243 Timika.

The vaccination program is centered at Rumkitban Timika on Jalan Pattimura, held on Saturdays and Sundays. This is a written statement from the Indonesian Navy Dispen received by the Jakarta Newspaper, Tuesday (20/7/2021)

“The vaccination rush was directly monitored by the Commander of Lanal (Danlanal) Timika, Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Deni Indra M.S along with the Commanders of the TNI (Dansat) Units in Mimika Regency,” said the Navy Dispensary in a statement.

According to the Indonesian Navy Dispen, the vaccination rush in Mimika Regency is in order to support the government’s program to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the vaccinators came from the Mimika District Health Office, Lanal Timika. Timika Rumkitban, Brigif 20/3 Kostrad, Kodim 1710/Mimika, Satrad 243 Timika and John Kapiyau Air Base.

Danlanal Timika, Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Deni Indra M.S said the implementation of the vaccination campaign to the community was to suppress the spread of Covid-19.

Besides, of course, supporting the government’s program that targets one million vaccines per day. So that it is hoped that it can break the chain of the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, especially in Mimika Regency.

“This vaccination rush is a government program and was ordered by the Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL), Admiral TNI Yudo Margono to help make the one million vaccination program launched by President Joko Widodo in suppressing the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia,” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Deni Indra also advised people who have been vaccinated to remain disciplined in implementing health protocols.

“Because by applying the discipline of health protocols, it means that people care about themselves, their families, and the surrounding environment,” he added. ***