Prof. Amany Appreciates Government Working on Papuan Education


PAPUADAILY –The Chancellor of the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta, Prof. Amany Lubis, is very optimistic about a better future for Papua. Moreover, in the development of the education sector in Papua.

He appreciated the Government’s efforts to build school buildings, build or open new universities in Papua. “The government’s efforts in development in the education and human resources sector will make Papua better in the future. I am very optimistic about how education will be in Papua in the future,” he said after being a resource person in the Webinar Understanding Papua “Series #1 Theme: “Future Education in Papua” , this weekend.

According to him, the provinces of Papua and West Papua are categorized as 3T Regions (outermost, underdeveloped and leading). The Indonesian government specifically provides the same facilities, namely in an effort to improve the quality of education and human resources.

Of course, the hope is that the millennium development goals (MDGs) will be achieved.

“Of course, the Government’s efforts through the Ministry of Education with digitalization and improvement in literacy will make Papua more advanced. The goal of all this is to prepare Papuans to become agents of exchange (agents of change),” he said.

He appreciated the Government’s efforts so that people in Papua can obtain higher education from various disciplines. Starting from anthropology, socio-culture, mining, engineering, religion and others.

So, when you return to Papua, you can develop Papua by managing its natural resources, or increasing the tourism sector and others.

“Because Papua’s nature is very rich in tourism, ethnicity and culture. Moreover, currently there are also many scholarships offered for Papuan students such as LPDP, Bidik Misi, affirmations, ADEM, ADIK or from NGOs, and others,” he explained.

In supporting these efforts, collaboration with local governments is needed. One of them, by increasing the capacity of life through improving welfare and the economy. “Development by using Papuan local wisdom approaches to be better,” he said.

He said the local government could also provide new opportunities for advancement. Moreover, there are STPDN Papua campuses, businesses in Sorong, IAIN in Jayapura and Sorong. “Of course, with the strengthening of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, the younger generation of Papua will come forward,” he said.