Preventing COVID-19 Clusters at PON XX, TNI Task Force Yonif 403 Give Vaccinations for Border Residents


PAPUADAILY -In order to contribute to the success of PON Papua, TNI soldiers from the Indonesian-PNG Border Security Task Force Mechanized Infantry Yonif 403/WP in collaboration with the Keerom Police, the Health Service and the Arso Health Center, Keerom Regency, Papua, provide vaccination rush services for residents of Swakarsa Village, Arso District, Keerom District.

The Indonesian-PNG Border Security Task Force from the Mechanical Infantry Yonif 403/Wirasada Pratista, Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Ade P Siregar, in a statement received by Antara Thursday (14/10/2021), revealed that they were vaccinating residents in the success of the XX/2021 PON in Papua.

“One of them is by helping to provide services to the community, especially services in the health sector in the form of vaccination rush so that residents stay healthy,” said Siregar.

He said that there were still residents who were positive for Covid-19 in the Keerom Regency area, causing public concern.

“Not to mention the unfinished pandemic period requires the public, including soldiers who are carrying out the task of carrying out vaccination rush in border areas to continue to be vigilant and continue to comply with health protocols,” he said.

Separately, the commander of the Main Command Post of the task force, First Lieutenant Infantry Sumarno, said the task force doctor, First Lieutenant CKM dr Kristia Yudha Bayu M was the coordinator of the vaccination, which was centered at the Keerom Police Health facility.

“This series of activities begins with collecting vaccine participants to be recorded regarding their identity and by going through the next monitoring stage, checking ID cards, filling out participant forms, followed by tension until the injection of the Covid-19 vaccine,” he said.

The implementation of the vaccination rush is divided into waves, during the implementation of the vaccine, of course, by implementing standard health protocols, this is done in order to support the accelerated vaccination program.

Meanwhile, a border resident, Ferdino Fatagor, expressed his gratitude to the task force’s health team and the local government for holding vaccination activities in Swakarsa Arso Village, Keerom Regency.***