Praise God Pace Mace, Papua is Safe! Districts in Papua Successfully Hold Simultaneous Village Head Elections


PAPUADAILY –The District Government (Pemkab) of Dogiyai, Papua Province, Wednesday (7/7) successfully held the simultaneous voting for the 2021 Village Head Elections (Pilkakam) in 76 villages or villages in the area.

The Dogiyai Regency Government appreciates the hard work of the Community and Village Empowerment Service (PMK) together with the committee, TNI-Polri apparatus, Pol PP with the full support of residents, community and religious leaders and the community so that the socialization process until voting day is safe and smooth.

“Wednesday (7/7/2021), I, together with the OPD leadership and other officials and agencies, have been monitoring the implementation of the Pilkakam directly in several villages. The voting process went smoothly. Of course, as a believer, I invite people to thank and be grateful to God,” said the Regent of Dogiyai Regency, Yakobus Dumupa in a written statement received from Mowanemani, the city of Dogiyai Regency, Thursday (8/7/2021).

According to the Dumupa Regent, his party also expressed appreciation to residents in the villages for their cooperation so that the simultaneous election of village heads ran smoothly and safely. They won together because the village head had been democratically elected, without pressure.

“Residents come to the village hall happy. Since last June 21, they have been busy with the committee and employees conducting socialization until voting. Yesterday they had already voted for their stretcher candidate. In the afternoon they already know who the village head will lead them for the next five years,” he said.

The Dumupa Regent added that his party also encouraged Regents throughout Papua to carry out the Pilkakam simultaneously so that citizens have access to elect leaders who understand their needs. This simultaneous Pilkakam is also a space for the community to learn village-style democracy while at the same time making every moment of recruitment of leaders at the local level cheap and far from the practice of money politics.

“Since leading Dogiyai together with the Deputy Regent, Pak Oskar Makai, I have intended for the people to conduct Pilkam simultaneously. We make the Pilkakam a role model for recruiting leaders because it is cheap and far from intervention by other parties. I see that the Papuan people in the villages have local wisdom in finding and choosing their leader,” said the Regent of Dumupa, author of dozens of books on various themes born in Apogomakida, Dogiyai, May 12, 1982.

The head of the North Kamuu Tribe, Paulus Goo, appreciated the step of the Dogiyai Regency Government for successfully holding direct Pilkakam in all villages in Dogiyai. Paulus Goo also expressed his appreciation to the Dumupa Regent, PMK Service, TNI-Polri officers, Pol PP, and community members for taking part in the success of holding the simultaneous Pilkakam of Dogiyai Regency in 2021.

“This is a new history for Dogiyai. The people can directly elect their own village head. In other districts, the regent immediately appointed a village head. Unlike Dogiyai. The regent ordered tong (us) to directly elect the head of each village. Tong, the people of Dogiyai, admit that the Regent of Dogiyai is great,” said Paulus Goo, praising Dumupa, author of the book Knowing and Learning from Great Leaders.

“The regent gave us the opportunity to choose our own village head. That’s good so we can choose according to our own will. God will always be with the Regent,” said Paulinus Pigai, a resident of Kuyakago Village, North Kamuu District, Dogiyai, adding,

As the initiator of the simultaneous Pilkakam since starting his service as Buoati in Dogiyai with his deputy, Oskar Makai, the Regent, a graduate of the Master of Government Science, a graduate of the Postgraduate Program at the “APMD” Yogyakarta Village Community Development College, hopes that the Pilkakam will be used as a role model for the simultaneous implementation of the Pilkakam throughout the country. other cities or regencies in the Papua region.

His party expressed appreciation to Assistant 1 of the Regional Secretariat as well as the Chair of the Pilkakam Implementation Committee and the Community Empowerment Service and Dogiyai Village, who had prepared and carried out all stages of the Pilkakam safely and smoothly. Their hard work and their fortitude in facing all the challenges are commendable.

“Pak Assistant 1 Secretariat, Head of Service, Secretary, Heads of Divisions and Sections and all staff at the PMK Service are great and hardworking people. They have proven their prowess with the successful implementation of the Pilkakam. God will continue to bless them in their next life and work,” said the Regent of Dumupa.

The Regent also thanked and gave appreciation to the leaders and members of the Dogiyai DPRD who from the beginning of preparation until the implementation of the Pilkakam had worked well together. Especially in the implementation stage, the Dogiyai people’s representatives have carried out good supervision of the election process so that the community gets their chosen leader.

“I also express my gratitude to the TNI and Polri officers who have accompanied the Satpol PP in securing the implementation of the Pilkakam. For their hard work, safe and peaceful conditions have been created during the Pilkakam,” he said.