Persimer vs Persiker Keerom in the inaugural match of Liga 3

Persimer vs Persiker Keerom di pertandingan perdana Liga 3

The coach of the Indonesian Football Association of Merauke (Persimer), Eduard Ivakdalam, brought 25 Persimer players to join the Liga 3 competition which began today in Jayapura. Of the 25 players, four of them are players who recently strengthened the XX Papua PON team and won a gold medal. Meanwhile, the rest are a combination of Merauke players from the selection results, as well as additional players from Jayapura who have participated in previous match events, including the League 3 competition. When contacted by cell phone, Friday (11/26/2021), Eduard Ivakdalam explained that the technical meeting had taken place. yesterday and the schedule for the Liga 3 competition rolled out today at two stadiums in Jayapura. As for the match schedule, according to the former PON XX Papua coach, Persimer will make his first debut match against the Indonesian Football Association Keerom (Keerom) on Monday, November 29, 2021, at the Mandala Jayapura Stadium. “We, Persimer, entered pool B with Persemi Mimika, Persido Dogiyai, and Persiker Keerom. Meanwhile, pool A consists of the Brimob Eagle, Memberamo United, Persitoli Tolikara, and Persimi Sarmi,” he said.


Thus, he said, only nine teams competed in the Papua Zone League 3, which will be held at two stadiums in Jayapura. Furthermore, Eduard said that Persimer’s preparation for Liga 3 was very short in time, which only lasted about a month. Even then, the training was separate between players in Merauke and Jayapura. “Only in the last week or so 25 players have joined Jayapura to do the final training to be ready to compete on the gridiron,” he said.


It is recognized that there are four PON XX Papua players strengthening Persimer in this League 3. While the other 10 are the results of the selection he did in Merauke. “Indeed, I saw that many Merauke players had very good skills when the selection process was carried out. It’s just that the time is so short that only 10 are brought to Jayapura,” he said. While the other 15, according to him, players from Jayapura who strengthened PON XX Papua, had also competed in League 3 before. “I saw the number of Persimer players who were selected, 25 people were very good and they just had to improve their physical condition, as well as cooperation and cohesiveness in competing,” he said.


On that occasion, Eduard expressed his gratitude to the Regent of Merauke, Romanus Mbaraka, as well as the administrators of the PSSI Merauke Regency Association (Askab) as well as the Persimer management who have provided support so that they can participate in Liga 3. Persimer’s players performed best against other clubs during Liga 3 runs. We ask for prayer support from the community in Merauke Regency during the team’s match,” he asked.


Merauke Regent, Romanus Mbaraka, some time ago emphasized that the government was very supportive of Persimer participating in Liga 3 under coach Eduard Ivakdalam. “On behalf of the government and society, I would like to thank coach Eduard Ivakdalam who has prepared the Persimer team, even though the time is very tight for Liga 3,” he said.