Passion for Building, the TMMD Task Force of Kodim 1710/Yawa Accelerates the Construction of Houses for Miosnum Yapen Residents


PAPUADAILY –TNI not only maintains security, but also has to be able to do many things, including building houses. TMMD Task Force personnel of Kodim 1709/Yawa together with residents accelerated the construction of community houses in Miosnum Village, Yerui Island, Yapen Islands.

Currently, the construction of the house is entering the stage of stone casting, the installation of which is speeding up. They built 8 permanent housing units, each house consisting of three bedrooms.

One of the TMMD Task Force personnel who is also the Chief Sergeant Prayogo in a statement on Sunday (12/9/2021) said the enthusiasm of the local community in supporting TMMD activities was the main supporting factor for all Task Force personnel in accelerating development.

“To this day, development continues with the residents in order to realize the dreams of the people who have been waiting for our TMMD Task Force to be here,” said Sertu Prayogo.

Sertu Prayogo explained about the installation of stone tiles in the construction of physical targets in the form of houses, there are already two buildings that are almost complete which will then enter the installation of roofs and wall plastering tomorrow.

“While the remaining six buildings are still in the process of installing 20-40 percent of the stonework. We are also accelerating this development according to a predetermined plan,” said Prayogo.

He hopes that with the Unity of the TNI and the People in the TMMD program, the construction of houses for residents can be completed immediately and can be inhabited by residents immediately.

“So that residents will be able to live more properly and be more comfortable in living in permanent houses as a result of the 112th regular TMMD program FY 2021 Kodim 1709/Yawa in Miosnum Village,” he said.***