Passengers flee when found to be positive for Covid-19 at Wamena Airport


PAPUADAILY –Three passengers who departed from Jayapura to Jayawijaya by plane, were confirmed positive for Covid-19 after arriving at Wamena Airport and fled. They did not want to be quarantined.

“We have brought them for monitoring and quarantine while we are treating them. Then after that we will re-examine them. But the process is not finished, they have already fled by climbing the back wall,” said Jayawijaya Health Agency Head, Doctor Willy Mambieuw in Wamena, the district capital.  Jayawijaya, Saturday (3/7/2021).

However, continued Doctor Willy, two people have returned to the quarantine area, but the other has not yet returned.  “The ID card is there, but it’s the Nduga Regency ID card, the address is around Potikelek (Jayawijaya). So, we don’t know whether he has returned to Nduga or not,” he said.

Until now the local Covid-19 Task Force is still looking for the patient.  The Covid-19 handling team hopes that residents do not run away from quarantine places.  This is because of the quarantine efforts carried out by the government to protect citizens from the Corona virus.

They also expect every citizen who comes from outside Jayapura via Wamena Airport to follow the Covid-19 prevention procedures.  One of them is following the free health check provided at Wamena airport.