Papuan youth steals, caught on CCTV camera


PAPUADAILY –A Papuan youth was arrested by the Sukolilo Police Criminal Investigation Unit for stealing a motor vehicle on Jalan Klampis Anom, Surabaya, East Java, owned by Insiyah Asih on Tuesday (25/5/2021).

The perpetrator named Nico Doras (22) a young man from Manggis Village, Teminabuan District, South Sorong, West Papua, lives on Jalan Klampis, Semarang. He is a seventh semester student at one of the West Surabaya campuses.

The Head of the Sukolilo Police, Kompol Subiyantana, said that at first, Nico just walked past the crime scene (TKP).

Then he opened the fence and took the motorbike out.  In order not to be caught by the owner, Nico pushed the victim’s motorbike far from the house until it felt safe.  After that he turned it on carrying away.

This action was caught on CCTV cameras, so the police can easily find his faces and features.  “We investigated the report from the victim, then arrested the perpetrator at his residence,” said Kompol Subiyantana.

The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Sukolilo Police, Iptu Zainul Abidin, said that the perpetrator had not yet had time to sell the stolen vehicle when he was arrested.  But he didn’t admit it.  “When we showed CCTV, the suspect just admitted his actions,” he said.

The suspect admitted that he was desperate to steal because he was pressed for the necessities of life in Surabaya.  Moreover, since he lived alone in the boarding house.  The stolen money is planned to be used to buy daily necessities.

The suspect was charged with Article 363 of the Criminal Code concerning theft with Weighted.  The penalty is five years in prison