Papuan Wrestling Team Goes Down to the Arena to Attack the Jury


PAPUADAILY –A commotion broke out at the Hiad Sai Merauke Gymnasium in the final wrestling match between Papuan wrestlers and South Kalimantan wrestlers for the bronze medal, Monday (11/10/2021). The team and the athlete’s supporters were not satisfied with the jury’s assessment of the wrestling athlete from South Kalimantan.

Reported by, the chronology began during a match between Papuan wrestler, Fadli, and wrestler from South Kalimantan, Rendy Aditya. The two competed in a draw, both collecting 3 points in the 74 kilogram class wrestling.

The jury continued the next round and awarded one more point to the wrestler from South Kalimantan, Rendy Aditya. The supporters were angry with the result.

However, the organizers stopped the match temporarily to calm the crowd. Two hours later, when the match resumed, the organizers called for Papuan wrestler Fadli, but he never came.

Finally the referee decided victory for South Kalimantan wrestler Rendy. But Fadli’s team and supporters who were in the stands took to the arena to attack the organizers, damaging the arena’s facilities.

Security officers then intervened to intervene and calm the crowd. It is not yet known for certain the next steps in handling the commotion in the wrestling arena.***