Papuan StandUp Comedian Mamat Alkatiri Shares Tips for Success


PAPUADAILY –Being a StandUp Comedian and having a career in Jakarta, Mamat Alkatiri admits, it is not an easy matter.

Especially since studying medicine in Yogyakarta until starting a career in the Indonesian entertainment industry, it tppook time to adapt to the environment around the island of Java which has its own stigma for young people from Papua. However, Mamat Alkatiri managed to break the stigma.

He shared this experience with the participants of the ‘Katong Papua, Katong Achievement’ talk which was organized by the Directorate of Information and Communication of Polhukam, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

“When I was in college, I deliberately didn’t want a boarding house where there were Papuans. On weekends I just played in a Papuan hostel, the rest I mingled with other friends because I wanted to be accepted like everyone else,” said Mamat, opening the conversation.

“From there, my friends said, oh Mamat, because Ko, I’m not afraid of Papuans anymore. Maybe because I’m funny.”
Armed with his experience while studying in Jogja, Mamat has formed his character to this day when he interacts with new people.

“In the past, I had thoughts about how we are considered normal, not considered strange or anything like that. I think it should be from us first, yes… our mindset must also be changed,” he said.

The principle, continued Mamat, is not to feel inferior. Everyone eats the same food in general. “Everything is the same, even if you feel inferior, people will see us as weird,” he joked.
As a Papuan, Mamat doesn’t like it when non-Papuans suddenly act cool or show their closeness to Papuans. Moreover, interact or open a chat using the Papuan dialect.
“Hey, we’re just normal, let’s just talk naturally, just general,” said Mamat.

Mamat is aware that the phenomenon of persecution of Papuan youths is still common. This situation is considered to be hampering Papuan youth to excel. Therefore, Mamat encourages students from Papua to be more confident in pursuing their dreams.

“All of our brothers and sisters have to believe that we can all do it, so whatever we want. Moreover, being a Stand-Up Comedian, it’s already customary in Papua to have a Mop to, talking about Papuan humor so it’s an initial capital,” he joked again.

In the discussion hosted by Miss Papua 2006 Putri Nere, last week, Mamat also said that the world of standup comedians he is engaged in can be a channel for social criticism and hopes that it can be constructive.

“I used to be a medical student, finally changed majors. I want all of my friends to believe that we can all be what we want as long as we continue to pray and do our best,” he said.
“Research and deepening of the material is also important in the StandUp Comedi entertainment industry, the point is that we want, we can certainly do it,” said Mamat Alkatiri.***