Papua Reach New History, Exceeds Target and Successfully Hosts PON


PAPUADAILY –As the host of the XX National Sports Week (PON) event, the Papuan contingent should be proud. Although they have not been able to match the might of the athletes of West Java and DKI Jakarta, the Papuan athletes have shown their best achievements. Papua managed to exceed the target imposed.

As of Wednesday (13/10/2021) at 20.14 WIT, the Papuan contingent has won 86 gold medals from various sports. That means exceeding the target of 84 gold medals targeted by the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Papua.

After struggling for 22 days since September 22, 2021, Papuan athletes have also won 57 silver medals and 93 bronze medals at the XX Papua PON. The total number of medals won by Papuan athletes reached 236 pieces. It is not impossible that their medal tally will still increase in the remaining days of the last PON.

The achievement of Papuan athletes winning 86 gold medals was a historic achievement for the Papuan contingent during the PON multi-branch competition. The achievement of 86 gold medals strengthened the Papuan contingent in fourth place in the XX PON medals. The top three positions are still occupied by West Java, East Java and DKI Jakarta.

The General Secretary of KONI Papua, Kenius Kogoya, stated that his party has set a target for Papuan athletes to win 84 gold medals at the XX Papua PON. The target was set after KONI Papua evaluated the results of the training camp and trial matches for 945 athletes (541 male athletes and 404 female athletes) PON.

“Our target is that [Papuan athletes] can get 84 gold medals from 37 sports and 56 disciplines that the Papuan contingent will participate in,” said Kogoya when he released the Papuan contingent last September. Quoted by

Previously, Papua’s highest achievement in the PON event was achieved at PON XI Jakarta 1985. At that time, the Papuan contingent won the 5th most medals, with 23 gold medals, 24 silver medals and 26 bronze medals.

The Papuan contingent was also recorded to have won 23 PON gold medals twice, namely at PON XII Jakarta 1989 and PON XVI South Sumatra 2004. The achievements of Papuan athletes in PON XX Papua this time fulfilled the success of Papua Province to host the PON.***